SPM Italia, is a leading Italian manufacturer of disposable nonwovens, TNT Spunlace, Paper and Plastic items for the aesthetic and wellness sector, the health and hospital sector, the industry Hairdressers and the hotel and restaurant sector.
SPM Italia was born in the year 1999 by acquiring its place in the disposable market right away. Over the years, SPM Italia has invested in technological innovation in industrial production processes, thus expanding the sectors you serve, transforming the customer's idea into reliable products and services, distinguishing itself on the market as Quality assurance for raw materials, machining, value for money in absolute respect for a sustainable market.



SPM Italia specializes in TNT Spunlace , TNT machining, resulting from a process that consists in the consolidation of the veil by high pressure water jets perforating the fabric and twisting the fibers.
The Spunlace is a highly recommended material for health and hygiene and beauty products, offering resistance and absorption. Spunlace is also a nonallergenic and non-irritant TNT.



SPM Italia Thanks to its dedicated clientele, today it is also on the market with a full line of aesthetic products: Shiluna Professional.
Shiluna Professional was born in 2007 thanks to the constant growth of SPM Italia so as to offer the aesthetic industry a 360 ° service that meets the most varied needs Of the market.